About Us

Welcome to Lasalle Uniform, 

Established in 1972, for fifty years we have provided uniforms to the Health Care Professionals and restaurants in Northern Ontario. We carry quality, fashionable, and affordable uniforms with brand names such as Grey's Anatomy, Barco, Cherokee, Koi, Dickies, Littmann, Prestige Medical and much more.

We have a large selection of uniform tops and pants in a rainbow of colours to suit your needs. We also carry men's uniforms in a variety of colours. We carry a wide variety of accessories such as Littmann Stethoscopes, scissors, calipers, pocket protectors, blood pressure gauges.  

We our value giving our customers prompt and efficient services at competitive prices.

The History of Lasalle Uniform Shoppe     

Lasalle Uniform got its beginnings in the back room of the family convenience store in 1972.

The store was named after a street in Sudbury Ontario. Lasalle Blvd.

The inspiration for Lasalle Uniform came from Margaret McLeod, a nurse of 26 years.

Margaret grew up on a farm in Bromley township in the Ottawa valley. Andrew Russell Kirk her father was a successful farmer, with the help of his wife Dorcus and their 7 children. He worked hard and his work ethic was passed on to his children and grandchildren. Russell was a beef and dairy farmer who learned the newest technology at college in Guelph. He had a good product and attracted customers.

Margaret didn’t want a farming life but she was influenced to work hard at whatever career she chose. In 1951 Margaret graduated as a Registered from Ottawa Civic Hospital.

Margaret had a long and rewarding career. She finished her career as a night supervisor of Memorial Hospital in Sudbury Ontario.

Margaret retired from nursing but wanted to keep in touch with the nursing world. This was the reason for opening of Lasalle Uniform Shoppe. It began in a room 10ft by 10ft. in the back of her husbands (Stewart) convenience store. The store expanded to The New Sudbury Shopping Centre and then to Montrose Mall, its present location.

A second location was also added in North Bay Ontario in 1985, when Andrew McLeod her son purchased an established uniform store called Angel’s Uniform and Maternity Shop from Angel and Ralph Clark. The store name was shortly after changed to Lasalle Uniform.

In 1986 Margaret retired from the store and Andrew took over the stores.

Margaret is no longer with us but her legacy carries on.

On May 11th 2018 North Bay location closed its doors. It was a sad day but also a happy day as a new chapter of Lasalle Uniform begins.